2010 – The Year of the Virtual PR Team?

6 05 2010

The concept of the virtual PR team is not a new one but it’s one that seems to be resonating within the client community at the moment. This week, Paratus Communications won Vodafone’s £500,000 B2B and social media account based, in part, on a mix of core in-agency experience and specialist skills picked from the UK’s freelance network.

The Virtual Team

The move is indicative of a move towards a more tailored, skills-centric approach to communications. In the last six months, myself and my freelance / virtual colleagues have spoken to a number of large organisations looking to rationalise their approach and choose support from companies and individuals with the right skills, rather than settle for the team that their agencies provide.

For many organisations this might be a step too far – many still prefer the ‘safety’ of a traditional agency set-up but,  for an increasing number, it’s more important to ensure that the team is right and fit for purpose. In Paratus’ case, they have provided Vodafone with a team that perfectly fits its needs and won the business as a result.

This is good news for a growing number of ‘virtual agencies’ both old and new and the growing number of, what I call, IVANs (International Virtual Agency Networks). It’s also good news for freelancers who have something to offer big corporate accounts but have, until now, perhaps not been considered. There’s such a wealth of quality support and experience out there that there’s no longer any reason for pitch teams not to involve external parties – especially if the skills fit the brief.