Tory Manifesto Falls Short on Gay Issues

13 04 2010

David Cameron took to the web the other day to answer an assortment of questions put to him by the readers of Pink News around his, and the Conservative Party’s, views and manifesto promises surrounding the rights of gay people in the UK.

If you read the article yourself, you will have noticed that David set out a number of promises, including a pledge to strike out the the criminal records of men convicted for ‘homosexuality offences’.

Today, Cameron and the Tory party issued their election manifesto and, surprise, surprise, only one of the election promises made to Pink News readers was honoured.

Take a look for yourself at the latest article posted by Pink News today. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the promise to strike the previously mentioned erroneous convictions, and a number of other pledges, were nowhere to be seen.



This manifesto has clearly set out the further marginalisation of the community. How can you expect to be respected as a contender for the top job when you can’t even honour the promises you clearly make? It wouldn’t matter if it were any other community in society – to marginalise one is to set out a policy of overall marginalisation. You can’t be fully inclusive if you exclude one group.

It’s a massive and obvious hole which, if people take human rights seriously, should mean that overall Tory policy on inclusion and equal rights is called into question.

The worrying part is that young voters are seeing the bright, shiny lights of the Tory collective as new and fresh, and are pledging votes based on a small minority of young and thrusting Cabinet MPs that simply don’t represent the real picture within the constituencies.

Potential Tory voters should take a look at their local constituency MPs to get a really clear view as to what’s on offer. As always, the Tories will hope they will win the vote at ‘national policy’ level but, what nobody realises is, that won’t matter a fig if you’ve got some 60 year old dyed-in-the-wool, shotgun toting, braying ‘Captain’ ‘working’ for you at a local level.

I can’t see Sir Farqhuar or St-John Smythe wanting to open the doors to the surgery to a queue of disaffected gay constituents. Well, can you?